The Legend of Opali – First Edition Paperback

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A young adult/adult read with a distinctive Australian flavour.



The Legend of Opali is a quest set out in three parts.

Part 1. We learn that The heart of Opali which forms the core of the planet has been lost and must be returned to prevent an environmental catastrophe from unfolding.

Part 2. The quest to restore the heart begins when the god, Time, emerges from the underworld to right the wrong he orchestrated in Part 1.

Set in outback Australia, Part 2 explores a landscape that is both magical and real upon which the characters Daisy, Rose, Hank, John, and Fox set about finding the lost heart and returning it to its rightful place.

Part 3. The attempt to return the heart is thwarted in Part 2, but the quest is taken up by Billy, the son of Daisy, and his little dog Woofie. They embark on a road trip that sees them overcome several obstacles, meet some interesting characters, and are required to carry out many acts of courage along the way.

A coming-of-age story that will delight the young, and the young at heart.

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7 reviews for The Legend of Opali – First Edition Paperback

  1. Mary Mohun

    Enjoyable read… the Illustrations are great and really add to the story.

  2. Helen Evert

    Great read, such a different style of writing to what I’d normally read but I found myself imersed in the story and eager to find how the story would unfold. It had a happy ending and who doesn’t like a happy ending? Well done to the Author for putting her thoughts and ideas together to come up with this memorable book…opali.

  3. Garrick Brown

    I thoroughly enjoyed the journey this book took me on. Each setting, scene, and character put you in the moment and created an atmosphere as if you were there. The book is a definitive expression of creativity and imagination, winding the metaphysical and spiritual into the harsh reality of the Australian outback. The book presents as a highly refined and professional piece that still manages to maintain the playful stylistic character of the author. I am not a massive reader, but I had no trouble working my way through it with ease and comfort. It is accessible and equally engaging. I am looking forward to revisiting the book to discover the many layers that Therese has embedded within it, as well as the writings to come.

  4. Bill Brown

    I have enjoyed reading The Legend of OPALI. It is a great read with a real uniqueness about it. This is a story which has a new novel/fantastical setting, so many new characters and a story line from left field which moves at pace,

    My action always is to learn the characters names and then have my imagination flow seamlessly with the words on the page and enjoy the indulgence of a great big pretend story.

    Sometimes though, I was uneasy that I might miss something as the quest is long and complicated. The author is however aware of her readers and their need for assistance and cycles back to collect us stragglers and helps us to journey with her.

    This book has so much rich imagery of remote Queensland of yesterday, its dry heat, unique characters and includes a sense of desperation of small remote communities living rough and frugally as many did at that time.

    The author educates us in many aspects of her family activities and her childhood. This lends credibility to an otherwise incredible story and is a very powerful thread in the story.

    I liked that the quest ended well and feel the story could be continued in another format. It has all the hallmarks of a quintessential Australian movie.

  5. Brigitte Baumeister

    Loved it .. the longer I read the more captivating ..
    Definately passed it on to friends

  6. Selina Chen

    Absolutely love the story. I feel like I was going through an adventure in a totally different world when I read the story.
    The story really opens up a very special topic that I never read about before. A very special piece of work by the author.

  7. Patricia Thomas

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading The Legend of Opali. Getting to know the characters and the journey they took me on was a lot of fun and bought back a lot of memories growing up out west. The pace of the story makes the book an easy read. Loved it. Keep up the great work Therese as looking forward to reading your next novel.

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