cover of The Legend of Opali

By Therese Evert

The Legend of Opali

An Original Story

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The heart of Opali is believed by many to be the most beautiful opal to exist.

Based on the legend that tells the story of Opali, a God whose essence has been trapped in the form of an opal, the heart becomes the centrepiece of a quest of epic proportions.

Set in Outback Australia, The legend of Opali will take you on a journey of magical delight.

Be part of the legend

The core of the planet has been lost.

The environment is on the brink and time is running out.

A boy and his dog are the last hope.

When Providence assigns the god Opali to help Time explore new frontiers in Space, she doesn’t tell Time that the heart of Opali is the core of planet Earth. Not expecting Opali to be away long, Providence sees no harm in removing the core and leaving the passage open. But when Opali fails to return, Providence realises her mistake. The only option is to get the core back.

With the help of some eclectic characters – two old opal miners who kidnap a cherub from the moon, the evil Lord Fang, and Daisy O’Malley, a not-so-good Catholic girl – Time embarks on a search for The heart of Opali in the Australian outback. The race is on to locate the core before the environment is irreparably damaged.

 As the quest continues, the planet begins to fry after having no rain for a decade. It eventually comes down to the aimless Billy and his little dog Woofie to find The heart of Opali and return it before the environment is completely destroyed. Not an easy feat when there’s an enchantress, a couple of drug dealers and a megalomaniac standing in the way.

Selected Chapters

Legend of Opali - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Pitching the Idea.

Legend of Opali - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Devil Town

Legend of Opali - Chapter 12

Chapter 12


Legend of Opali - Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Falling apart

Legend of Opali - Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Realising the Dream

Legend of Opali - Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Hit the High Road

Legend of Opali Chapter Thirty Two

Chapter 32

The Drug Dealers

Legend of Opali Chatper 34

Chapter 34

Claudia’s Story

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